Drilling Hazards Training

Combine Art and Science to Enable Excellence

Drilling Hazards Training, D-HazMan™, combines art and science to enable excellence in performance. That is, the art of well listening to understand and correctly interpret dynamics to recognize pending hazards. Science is engaged with applied engineering and technologies to implement the best strategies to mitigate risks for conventional or new technology applications..

DHM training can be customized according to your organizational needs and gaps.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize the indicators from the rig and hole conditions that forecast problems
  • Apply mitigating solutions
  • Evaluate and manage drilling risk such as stuck pipe, lost circulation, ballooning (wellbore breathing) etc.
  • Apply mitigating best practices conventional or new technologies
  • Understand the risk assessed value of applying mitigating solutions

Drilling Hazards Management Practical Strategies and Solutions Click to download training syllabus