Customized Training

SEPI provides customized training for drilling and completion fundamentals; hazards avoidance, risk identification and risk management.

Why Customized?

SEPI’s training programs are customized fit-for-purpose for each client. While SEPI recognizes that there are many very good “Canned” programs, often an organization has special requirements, for example service providers who have focal areas around Product Service Lines. Upstream operators could have special requirements around HPHT operations, well bore stability, etc.

SEPI has also developed training programs which focus on collaborative issues such as upstream multidisciplinary training to promote understanding of drilling issues especially around complex wells. It is important for all disciplines: geological, reservoir, drilling, logistics, and HSE to understand that drilling hazards, risk and mitigation require cross disciplinary understanding and solutions.

Training Techniques

SEPI’s course design is driven by actual examples of drilling and completion operations. SEPI can review special problem areas and design training programs which utilize working examples in group settings. Learning occurs best when participants work real life solutions.

SEPI Trainers.

ALL SEPI associates have over 25+ years of global experience in virtually every drilling environment imaginable.