Virtual Well Monitoring

The Virtual Environment is Here
Real Time Data – Virtual Well Monitoring (VWM™): Experience Matters!

Recent catastrophic blow outs have underscored the value of real time data. More importantly, they have also underscored the value of having the right kind of experience to understand well “listening”, in real time. What is the well telling us?

In this ever-increasing world of well complexity, having the right kind of “been there, done that experience” is crucial for safe and reliable drilling operations.

The advantages to a client are:

  • Global expertise can be engaged with the aid of internet browsers, enhancing Knowledge and Data Collection, Storage and Management.
  • A plethora of experience can be brought into “play” – making peer review easy, and inexpensive.
  • Expensive travel costs are eliminated.
  • Enhanced “real time” collaboration from global locations with rig personnel, management, and service providers
  • SEPI uses only highly experienced drilling consultants to monitor operations

The advantages to a client are:

  • Assist in problem avoidance: Drilling Hazards Management.
  • Provide basic information to ensure drilling performance – Drilling Value Assurance.
  • Assure adherence to the well plan and value objectives
  • Promote and develop an understanding of risks and consequences
  • Assure an understanding of when change occurs and associated risk analysis: Management of Change
  • Provide real time summaries of operations from conventional morning reports with typical productive, non-productive, and invisible lost time analysis.
  • Recommend and initiate utilization of industry best practices, checklists and guidelines.
  • Ensure recordation of “lessons learned” for future reference.
  • Provide the framework for after action reviews and end-of-well reports.