The Well Delivery Process

The Well Delivery Process – Management Assessments

Drilling is in fact – a core competency!

World Class Execution Cannot be Achieved in a Silo –“Drilling is not a compartmentalized issue, rather it is a Multidisciplinary Responsibility”.

The Well Delivery Process is essential to drilling execution leading to world class delivery of high performance drilling operations.

SEPI uses a dedicated multidisciplinary approach, believing that drilling is in fact a core competency of companies and that in order to achieve successful results, the processes for drilling operations must have multifunctional participation in order to completely align goals and objectives between all stakeholders.

Process development begins first with the identification of key elements, or goals to be achieved within the asset. Actions leading to direct process are then developed within a multidisciplinary team context to deliver a complete well plan, and the methodology for successful delivery.

Although there are a number of elements essential to process development, the high level issues can be summarized as follows:

  • Personnel RACI development (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed)
  • Resource allocation and development issues: Behaviors, cultural, and training
  • Management platform and defining the stage gates of the Well Delivery Process and Execution
  • Processes for well construction planning, including document development such as Basis of Design, etc.
  • Processes for well construction execution
  • Checklists and guidelines for operational best practices and safety
  • Management and verification of lessons databases
  • Resets for future operations.