Project Management

Project Management Services

Part or Parcel.

SEPI provides a complete complement of office-based project personnel.

SEPI, through its own resources and affiliations has the capability of assembling complete project teams for one-off, short term, or long term projects.

There are several advantages of a SEPI staffed, or managed project. First, all of the tenets of a high performance organization are utilized, as delineated within the SEPI website. In addition,

  • A Single Source Provider simplifies all contract issues
  • Ability to ensure competition between service providers and all operations
  • Integration and bridging of personnel – the flexibility of integrating client employees, or other firms or individuals into the project team.
  • SEPI utilizes a dedicated process for skills verifications and selection of personnel.
  • SEPI and affiliates have the ability to provide specialized training such as unscheduled events avoidance if deemed necessary for any given project.