Expert Reports and Witness

SEPI provides expert witness and reports for the upstream oil and gas industry. Special expertise includes well design, planning and execution. SEPI’s witness expertise capabilities generally follow the lines of other SEPI services – all linked to understanding drilling and completion risks and hazards. Well design and planning is fundamental to successful and safe well execution.

Hazards analysis is critical to understanding how well failures in general and issues such as “blowout” and total loss of containment occur. Rarely do blowouts happen without ample warning and missed signals. The industry tools which provide these early warning signs are sophisticated and record real time data that provides alerts during the execution of oil and gas drilling operations. This data is not only available at the rig site, but can be monitored via the internet from any location in the world. At times, this data is misunderstood, misinterpreted or worse ignored. Accidents do not just happen and most, if not all, modern-day drilling operations have the IT tools to provide advance warning of hazards to ensure Process Safety in drilling and completions operations.

  • SEPI and its experts know what these tools are and how to analyze and interpret the data.
  • SEPI and its experts know how to design, plan and execute drilling operations.
  • Critical causal analysis requires seasoned expertise.
  • SEPI associates each have over thirty years of industry experience.

The Digital World of Information Technology plays a vital role in any Oil and Gas operation. If an airliner crashes, control towers are always in play. The same is true in the Oil and Gas world – the real time data, access, understanding and use is crucial to causal analysis.

  • Experts in Real Time Monitoring
  • Experts in Real Time Systems and Processes
  • Experts in Real Time Operations Centers
  • Experts in Real Time Infrastructure