HOLLAND & DAVIS has been engineering organizational change for more than 20 years … long before the words “Change Management” were fashionable. HDI has helped more than 100 clients with change initiatives over the past 20 years … supplying hands-on consulting, project and program management as well as training and coaching.” ….the steps required to improve Project Management…on time, on budget, on target results.

JAMES K. DODSON COMPANY was formed in 1970 to provide strategic information for companies engaged in oil and gas operations located in the offshore Gulf of Mexico, and onshore USA. In 1974, James K. Dodson Company introduced the Dodson Database System for analyzing detailed oil and gas industry information for data collected beginning in 1947 through current date.

The Dodson Data System benchmarks drilling, completion and production proficiency for offshore Gulf of Mexico operations and drilling operations for onshore USA. Online Internet based database systems provide clients with benchmarking tools that aggregate and normalize key performance indicators for new well drills and completions utilizing the Dodson MRI Calculator® that indexes the mechanical risk complexity of drilling a well, and the CRI Calculator™ that indexes the risk complexity of completing a well. These calculators are also available as independent applications that can be integrated into your internal database.

James K. Dodson Company also provides analytical services, studies and reports for: business unit planning applications; market analysis; Paleo database query systems; investment analysis; and trend forecasting.

Dynamic Drilling Systems LP is a dynamic, innovative upstream Oil and Gas service company headquartered in Houston, Texas. We provide solution-oriented software that integrates information from the wellsite and make it available to our clients and their partners on the rig, in the office, or on the go. Apollo DART is the latest technology in web-based well data presentation and analysis. Clients can share data in real-time, compare information from multiple wells and seamlessly share the data between multiple applications. We are distinguished by our ability to customize software solutions to improve our clientsí workflow and enable them to share information to improve performance.

Dynamic Drilling Systems is more than just a software vendor. We also take pride in our ability to quickly respond to the changing needs of our customers and to work within their organizations to improve their information management. Utilizing the latest technology and the expertise of our people, we offer a wide variety of services to simplify access to your data improving the decision making process. We bridge the gap between mission critical data and descion makers.

Digital Oilfield Solutions is a partnership based in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It has industry leading experts in the Digital Oilfield with the experience of deploying industry products in major oil and gas companies that have delivered significant business value.  Digital Oilfield Solutions operates through a network of Associate Companies and can deliver all aspects of the Digital Oilfield from a corporate strategy through to a fully commissioned network of collaboration environments.