SEPI Associates

James C. “Jim” Robins

He graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1972 with a B.S in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. He joined Texaco in New Iberia, LA in August of that year. He has held positions of from Division Remedial Manager, Division Drilling Manager, and Area Production Manager and Operations Manager in many global locations. A reorganization in 2000 resulted in a title change to Senior Drilling Advisor and with responsibilities for drilling operations in China, Angola, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan with oversight responsibilities for joint operations in Trinidad, China, Australia, and the Philippines. Jim elected to retire from ChevronTexaco in February 2002. Since then he has consulted for several domestic companies as a drilling engineer and drilling superintendent prior to joining SEPI to provide expertise to a major oil company for Drilling Performance Improvement. Jim’s technical specialties include contracting, drilling performance and operations management, and establishing and managing remote drilling organizations. Jim has also been directly involved in drilling multidisciplinary collaborative process development, and training. Training has included hazards and risk assessment for hazards and risk management.

Richard W. (“Rick”) Semeniuk

Rick graduate from the University of Tulsa as Petroleum Engineer in 1978. His career spans over 35 years experience as an international drilling and completions project manager / engineer. Drilling experience includes, but not limited to Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Drilling Engineering & Simulation, Supervision of 4 Phase Separation, Closed and open loop systems, UBD Fluids include: Foam, Gasified Fluids with Gas and Nitrogen. Land and Offshore (Barge and Jack-ups). Conventional Oil & Gas wells (1200 feet to 17,500 feet). Horizontal wells, including the use of underbalanced and multi – lateral technology. Completion experience encompasses perforating wells with wireline and tubing-conveyed guns, both balanced and underbalanced, Electric and slick line well entry with various down hole tools, Formation stimulations: fracturing with oil, water, CO2 and N2, including combinations of the three phases, Coiled tubing workovers, shifting down hole tools and “drill-outs”, designing and installing artificial lift systems, including electrical submersible systems and VSD’s, Planning and installation of various down hole completion tools (e.g. packers, profiles and plugs, and sliding sleeves. Expertise includes planning and execution of drilling and completion operations in many global sleeves. Expertise includes planning and execution of drilling and completion operations in many global locations.

Dr. Robert W. (“Bob”) Nicholson

Received his PhD in Petroleum Engineering in January 1971 from the U of Tulsa. He has worked almost his entire career in all aspects of drilling and completion operations worldwide. He spent 23 years with oil companies and 14 years as an independent consultant. He has vast experience on numerous types of wells from management, design and site supervision. This includes land and all types of offshore rigs in various worldwide environments. He has worked on teams for specialized drilling operations, i.e.: HPHT, well control and relief wells. His technical skills include: well drilling and completion design and planning, contracting, permitting and drilling organizational planning. He has taught and training numerous drilling courses in the industry and has been an expert witness on many legal cases concerning drilling.